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food at your fingertips

Freshpod supports building an attractive employer image, thanks to delicious meals available around the clock. It’s an excellent solution for companies that care about employee satisfaction in the workplace.

Organize good meals at work

Easy to implement

Freshpod only needs 1m2 of space. We take care of the installation and proper operation of the device and application.​

Available at any time of the day

Employees can enjoy delicious food from Freshpod 24/7.

Diverse menu

In Freshpod, everyone will find something for themselves. We will take care of delivering the best quality food.

Easy to use​

Download the app​

Download the Freshpod app on your phone and register an account.​

Open Freshpod​

Scan the QR code from the app, which is your personal key to the Freshpod door.​

Choose products

Choose your favorite products and scan their codes. You will see order details on screen.​

Pay and enjoy!

Confirm your choice and pay on the terminal or with the card added in the app.

Beneficial for every company...

Employees will no longer waste time organizing meals and waiting for couriers​
Good nutrition significantly affects health, well-being, and employee performance
You will encourage remote workers to return to the office​
You don't have to worry about deliveries - we will take care of stocking the Freshpod​
By taking care of your team's well-being, you will enhance your competitiveness as an employer​

Invest in benefit

That every employee is sure to use

...and for employees

A rich offer for different preferences
Impact on the menu thanks to the rating and recommendation system
Meal available at any time
Delicious breaks with coworkers building relationships
Attractive offer thanks to employer subsidy
Save time on shopping and preparing meals for work

What you will find in Freshpod








Freshpod App

Current menu and product availability in different Freshpods
Detailed product information: photo, composition, weight, calories, allergens, macronutrients
Setting user preferences according to: diet, allergies or favorite flavors
User ratings and reviews
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